QJ’s Most Underrated Games of the Year

thumb - Image 1Some are Indie gems, some are big name AAA releases, but all the games on this list have gotten the short end of the stick. Perhaps they were unfairly reviewed, maybe they were overlooked by the media… what do you think?

Gino D:

Most Underrated: Prince of Persia

Comments: Just to make a distinction “Underrated” != “Overlooked”. The way I see it, underrated games are those which should have gotten better reviews and ratings than they did. Like Prince of Persia. Yes, it did get some quite glowing reviews for its graphics and art direction, but I thought the gameplay wasn’t all that bad at all.

Isaac C:

Most Underrated: Grand Theft Auto IV

Comments: Because it deserves a 15/10.

Mabie A:

Most Underrated: World of Goo

Comments: World of Goo’s gameplay and graphics are really impressive. Too bad it didn’t get the media mileage it needed to catch people’s attention. I do however applaud the indie devs, 2D Boy, for coming up with IP as innovative as this. Goes to show that you don’t need complex gameplay and convoluted dramatic story lines in order to have fun.

Karl B:

Most Underrated: Valkyria Chronicles

Comments: Valkyria Chronicles – This strategy-slash-action-RPG title mostly went unappreciated when it hit North America, but in my opinion it’s hands-down the best (and best-looking) RPG title the PS3 has so far.

Chris C:

Most Underrated: Crash Commando

Comments: It came out just a few weeks ago and it’s simply the best multiplayer action game you’ll find on PSN, as a matter of fact, it’s in my top 10 for game of the year. I can’t remember the last time I had as much fun with a game, fast frantic and wonderfully balanced, this is pure arcade fun. Unfortunately, no one’s talking about it and few know anything about the game, I hear a demo’s on the way, one can only hope because Crash Commando deserves a much wider audience.

Do yourself a favour, spend the 10 bucks and download Crash Commando, it’s worth it.

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