Referral, name and gender change programs available in Lineage 2

The Lineage 2 logo - Image 1Hate your name? Feel like you’re trapped in the body of the wrong sex? If you’re a Lineage 2 player, then NCsoft may have just the thing for you. If name changes or gender-bending aren’t your cup of tea, you can always refer a friend and reaps the benefits of that, too.

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Imagine these Lineage 2 warriors as women - Image 1 

There are at least two things that players will appreciate in a game: the first is being able to enjoy it with a friend, the second is being able to have something changed. Actually, NCsoft is offering precisely those in the form of three new offerings for Lineage 2 players: the refer-a-friend, name change and gender change programs.

Of all three programs, the Lineage 2 refer-a-friend program offers different rewards than the more obvious benefits of the name and gender change options. Players who successfully refer a friend to the game will be rewarded with one month’s worth of free game time credited to their account.

Before you rush out and avail of NCsoft’s programs, kindly note that all of them have certain eligibility requirements that must first be met and – except for the refer-a-friend program – costs that you need to keep in mind. For more information on the processes and requirements involved in the three Lineage 2 programs, kindly refer to NCsoft’s official website for the game, courtesy of the source link below.

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