Research shows 60% of U.S. gamers buy used games

MI6 Game Marketing logo - Image 1Interesting findings surfaced at the recently held MI6 game marketing conference in San Fransisco, where the global consumer research and consultancy firm OTX revealed that the majority of gamers buy both new and used games. Study shows used games are selling like hotcakes for various reasons, but new games are still flying off shelves to keep the industry healthy. Learn more at the full article.

OTX resale study results - Image 1 OTX resale study results - Image 2

It’s no secret that many gamers tend to purchase used copies of video games they want, and the global consumer research and consultancy firm OTX has numbers to prove there’s a significant number of second hand games moving around. To be exact, some 45 million are believed to buy both new and used copies.

As the chart on top will tell you, around 60% of 75 million consumers avail of new and used titles. While the U.S. video game market is believed to be worth US$ 17.9 billion, fresh discs only produce US$ 8.6 billion. Used games account for US$ 1.3 billion in the total U.S. software market.

Game makers don’t need to worry, however, since research shows most people still purchase their games new. Only 16 million game buyers are said to be “New Game Gluttons” who buy new copies then sell after finishing the game, while the rest have enough reasons to keep their purchases.

OTX cited replayability, lovable characters, socially engaging gameplay, critical acclaim, developer loyalty, and collectorÂ’s editions as factors that compel gamers to keep games. Consequently, new IPs were found in the used market more often than installments in established franchises.

Images courtesy of Gamasutra.

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