Resistance 2: issues and misconceptions revealed

Resistance 2 - Image 1 I bet you’ve gone to a point in the game where you stopped to ask, “Where’s that one-hit kill game mode that the manual says?” That and other issues are listed down on the thread in My Resistance seeking to clarify a lot of known issues in Resistance 2. View the full list in the full article.

That's no bug! - Image 1Playing through Resistance 2, I bet a lot of gamers paused and asked why certain things go the way they do. Some are actual bugs, some are problems that devs are working on, and some are intentional specs to the game to prevent abuse. Here they are, as posted by [AoD]JSD, admin on the My Resistance forum.

  • The game manual says that there is a one-hit kill game mode, but there is not an option for this in the game. There is intentionally no one-hit kill option, the manual is a misprint.

  • Split-screen players have a lot of difficulty joining games successfully and staying in games. We’re working on this issue currently.

  • There are some issues with stats “disappearing” and “reappearing”. There is an issue with offline and online stats syncing and merging.

  • There have been reports of corrupted save data files. If you see the SRPA star logo blinking/flashing/lighting up anywhere on your screen, please try to wait for it to completely go away.

  • Occasionally if you enter the XMB it will lock up and you will have to reset the PS3 manually. Be sure to use the in-game options to accept party invites, accept clan invites, and to send friend invites.  This should minimize time needed on the XMB to messaging and accepting friend invites.

  • Currently the only way to join private games is to be a part of the host’s party.

  • Some people are reporting connection problems. The game is working; we would post an update otherwise. This seems be a client side connection issue, so please try running through some of the connection guides around here to try and solve the problem.

  • Selecting a player’s name from the Leaderboards will result in a pop up that says “Account does not exist”. We’re working on this issue currently.

  • The text describing the “Snake Eyes” berserk for the Spec Ops class in cooperative mode incorrectly states that you will receive two shots; it is intentional that you only get one shot. In Competitive mode, however, you will receive two shots when using the “Snake Eyes” berserk.

  • Player 2 stats in split-screen mode are not saved.

  • There are some instances where the rumble feature cuts out.  We’re looking into this issue.

  • There have been several reports of users not receiving sound while using an optical output cable; we’re not sure why this is happening. If this is happening to you, please double check your settings. Some people have reported that simply switching the in-game sound options to stereo and then switching it back to surround will fix the issue.

  • In split-screen mode there are “black bars” on the side of the screen/the game appears in 4:3 aspect ratio.  This is not a bug, this is intentional and was done for various reasons.  Be sure to be mindful of burn-in possibilities.

  • In campaign mode, the screen tint option gets stuck on your choice and you can’t switch it back to normal mode. If you select normal and then die, the tinting will be reset.

  • There is no round balancing between rounds

  • User’s can’t use another person’s save game file. This is not a bug, this intentional.

  • Campaign mode does not have a split-screen mode. This is intentional, the campaign was designed around single player experience.  It simply would not work with two players, and there are no plans to add this in the future.

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