Rocketmen: Axis of Evil patch goes live today

Capcom - Image 1If you’re looking to spend some quality time with the demo of Rocketmen: Axis of Evil, available for download via the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live Marketplace, then here’s good news: the latest patch for it is now live, and it pretty much ramps up the insanity level of the demo from level 1 to level 11. Well, just up to level 4, actually, but with multiple playthroughs, it’s pretty much up to you how hard and fast you want it to be. The details in the full article.

Rocketmen: Axis of Evil - Image 1 

Capcom has recently updated its official US blog to announce the coming of a patch for its arcade-style shoot-em-up PSN/XBLA downloadable title, Rocketmen: Axis of Evil. If you’ve already downloaded the full version of the game, you won’t notice anything new about it at all – but if you’re currently trying it out through the demo, then the patch will definitely be a welcome treat.

Why is that, you ask? Well, if you remember, the unpatched demo had you starting off at level 1, which doesn’t really give you a good idea of what the game’s end-game content could be like. The patch turns the demo from a newbie killing spree into a buffed-up clusterbomb of pure insanity, dropping you into level 4.

There’s also the convenient feature-slash-bug that allows you to rack up more and more money to unlock better gear as you play the demo again and again. Even when the demo ends, you’ll still keep the stats in your next game. However, if you turn off your console, all your progress will be lost, so you’ll have to start over if you want to see just how far you can take it. A handy feature, nonetheless.

So what are you waiting for? Go on and boot up your console of choice, and start blasting away. Updates as we get them!

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