Rumor: LostWinds sequel illustrations

Rumor: LostWinds sequel illustrations - Image 1Remember the LostWinds sequel that Frontier Development had hinted at a couple of days ago? We’ve come across some recent illustrations that appear to reflect how this new game might look. You can view them over in the full article.

A couple of days ago, Frontier Development‘s LostWinds WiiWare title arrived for both the territories of Europe and North America. The game was generally well-received by gamers, although it was criticized for its short length.

The devs are looking to address this minor problem with their planned release of a sequel. While not too many details have been announced regarding the new game, we’ve come across what looks like early bits and pieces of its art.

To be more exact, two screenshots that seem to indicate how the LostWinds sequel’s stage will be constructed, and a character sketch. We posted the images here for your viewing pleasure, thought you’ll want to keep an eye out in case we run into more updates.

  Rumor: LostWinds sequel illustrations - Image 1 Rumor: LostWinds sequel illustrations - Image 2

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