Rumors: New MGS for PSP in development

Metal Gear Solid for the PSP will be available soon - Image 1Since it first came out in 1998, Metal Gear Solid has enjoyed much success from being a classic game that has gained the respect of  its loyal fans for many years. Now a new rumor has surfaced shortly after MGS Portable Ops and Portable Ops Plus were released: a new MGS game from Konami Digital is currently in the works. Read the rest of this juicy rumor at the full article.

Metal Gear Solid - Image 1

It seems that Snake is slithering his way into the handheld arena, ladies and gentlemen. Right after Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops was released for the Sony PlayStation Portable, rumors are already spreading that a brand new version of the Metal Gear Solid series will be making its way to the Sony PSP again. It’s also been rumored that actions to develop the video game are well underway. Strike whilst the iron is hot may be Konami Digital’s principle in developing games.

This newest MGS rumor comes shortly after MGS Portable Ops and Portable Ops Plus were released. According to reports, this game for the Sony handheld will not be a spin off the last game and will instead “hearken back to the early days.”

With the slew of new games for the portable console, gamers may look forward to a wider spectrum of games available to them more than ever before, and this newest MGS game will more likely be just as awaited as the previous MGS games.

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