Sam v1.0.0.1 – now works with homebrew

Sony PSP logo - Image 1Here’s some good news to those who are looking for PSP emulators: Actaron’s PSP emulator for the PC, Sam, can finally run homebrew games and applications (previous update here). It’s quite a great feat, considering that the last release of Sam was only a few days ago. More details in the full article.

Download: Sam v1.0.0.1

Sam jazz - Image 1Homebrew developer Actarus has updated the Sam, a PSP emulator for the PC, only a few days after releasing the previous update. Now here’s something that will get your hopes up: compared to the last version of Sam, the PSP emulator now can run all homebrew. Yes, you heard it right, all homebrewed PSP games can run using Actaron’s PSP emulator.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on Sam, you should check first if your machine is supported by the emulator. In its current version, Sam can run on the following platforms: Windows 95/98/Me/XP/Vista + OpenGL, Windows NT4/2000.

Well, at least this is a big step from being a PSP emulator that can only run a bunch of pspsdk demos. The homebrew developer is still having problems with IO ports and their addresses, so if you have any clue as to what Actarus needs to know, you can drop by the Via link to lend him a helping hand.

Don’t forget to go over the accompanying documentation before you run the program on your PC for all the necessary information. Enjoy!

Download: Sam v1.0.0.1

Via Actarus

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