Samurai Shodown Anthology confirmed to include all seven titles

Ukyo Tachibana, one of the characters in the Samurai Shodown series from SNK - Image 1What’s better than one Samurai Shodown title? Why not all seven of them? SNK Playmore USA recently cleared up the previous confusion regarding the actual titles included in the Samurai Shodown Anthology compilation for the Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation Portable. Find out exactly what the company said regarding this upcoming classic 2D fighting game in our full article after the jump.

Screenshot of SNK's Samurai Shodown 6 - Image 1In the world of classic 2D fighting games, SNK‘s Samurai Shodown series definitely gets a nod from a lot of gamers. 2008 will see not one, but all of the Samurai Shodown titles bundled into one game as Samurai Shodown Anthology (Wii, PSP) was recently announced to have a release later this year.

However, during a previous announcement made for the game’s press release, it was pointed out that Samurai Spirits Zero Special (the sixth title in the series) was not included in the games listed in the compilation. Fortunately, website Siliconera was able to contact SNK Playmore USA to clarify this matter. The company responded saying that even if Japan does not get Samurai Spirits Zero, Samurai Shodown Anthology “will have V Special and VI for the first time in the US”.

This makes a total of seven games included in Samurai Shodown Anthology – all six games in the regular series plus the Samurai Shodown V Special. It’s all good for anyone looking for fast and furious sword slashing action. There’s been no specific date when this title will be released, but rest assured we’ll be there to cover it once we get word.

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