Samurai Warriors Katana – Honnoji and Deadly Shot videos

Koei's Samurai Warriors Katana Wii - Image 1Koei and Omega Force‘s Samurai Warriors: Katana is expected to hit the market by January 15, 2008. If you can’t wait for the release date to check out more sword fighting action, you probably should check out these two videos of the game called Honnoji and Deadly Shot.

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Koei and Omega Force‘s Samurai Warriors: Katana has already gone gold and looks ready to hit its January 15, 2008 release date. If you’ve been following this game for some time now and can’t wait for its release, then here are two videos of the game to tide you over.

The first of the videos title Honnoji is a run through one of the levels in the game. It is pretty much what we expect from Samurai Warriors Katana with lots of enemies and fast and furious action.

The Deadly Shot video on the other hand has the player trying to kill 70 enemies using the gun within a time limit. The level actually looked pretty difficult despite the huge number of enemies that you can take out.

We’re sure that you came here to see the videos for yourselves so we’re not going to keep you any longer. Here are the two videos. Enjoy!

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