SCEA, Camp Woodward open PlayStation AM JAM 2008

SCEA, Camp Woodward open PlayStation AM JAM 2008 - Image 1Extreme sports enthusiasts, heads up! SCEA and Camp Woodward have announced the details for this year’s PlayStation AM JAM. For those who haven’t heard of the AM JAM, it’s an extreme sporting event featuring skate, skate vert and BMX. Prizes and scholarships await the winners. If you are interested, check out the full article.

SCEA, Camp Woodward open PlayStation AM JAM 2008 - Image 1 

Sony Computer Entertainment America is informing every fan about the partnership it has inked with Camp Woodward that will bring about this year’s PlayStation AM JAM. The purpose of this is to find the best up-and-coming talent in skate, skate vert, and BMX.

For this year’s event, PlayStation AM JAM will hit a total of 14 cities across the country in search for talented young riders between the age of seven and 18. Each stop will grant winners a PlayStation Portable unit with three video game titles.

All winners and qualifiers will then be given airfare and a week long stay at Camp Woodward to compete in the PlayStation AM JAM Finals. This will take place from August 10 to 16. The prizes that await the champs include:

  • US$ 5,000
  • A PlayStation 3 system
  • Scholarship to ride at Camp Woodward East or West campuses for the entire 2009 season

To check out the complete rules and the different cities PlayStation AM JAM will be gracing, refer to the source link below.

Via PlayStation Blog

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