Seed Studios launches Under Siege website, exclusive for PS3

Under Siege - Image 1Seed Studios put up a website for a new game entitled Under Siege. It’s for the PS3 and it’s said to arrive in 2009.

Under Siege - Image 1 

If you follow our source link below, you’ll find yourself in the official website of Seed StudiosUnder Siege. What’s interesting about this is that beneath the shadowy image of three figures journeying through ice-capped mountains are the words “Coming 2009”. Under that are the logos of PlayStation 3 and Seed Studios (basically what you’re seeing in the image above).

Gathering from the very obvious context clues present in the site, this could be that exclusive game supposed to be revealed at the recent Leipzig Games Convention. The presentation never happened, but given the proximity in the timeline, it’s a safe bet this was that game.

Apart from that page on the game, though, not much information is to be had. For now. So until we hear anything more specific than just shadowed figures, we’ll have to get those guessworks running. But if we do catch anything, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Via Under Siege official website

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