Sierra talks Wii, DS development of Geometry Wars: Galaxies

The Geometry Wars Galaxies logo - Image 1Have you ever wondered why Geometry Wars: Galaxies found its way to the Nintendo Wii and DS? What’s the Nintendo Wii-DS link actually for?

Sierra senior producer Sierra Entertainment“>Roger Carpenter has the answer to that and other questions, right after the jump.

Geometric action in Geometry Wars Galaxies - Image 1Last time, Sierra Entertainment‘ senior producer Roger Carpenter talked about saving and currency systems in Geometry Wars: Galaxies (DS, Wii). In a more recent interview, however, Carpenter discussed the Geometry Wars move from the XBLA to the Nintendo Wii and DS.

According to Carpenter, Bizarre Creations, the developer of the original version, had this idea to turn Geometry Wars into a “full game” by adding a host of new features. Bizarre Creations reportedly thought that the Nintendo Wii and DS were well suited for the new content.

Regarding the reported Wii-DS link and its relation to unlockable game content, Carpenter had this to say:

The reports are right and yes its inclusion is for unlocking bonus content on both versions. We did briefly chat about DS controlling the Wii game but soon put it to one side once it was apparent it would compromise the gameplay experience. Just because an idea sounds cool, doesnÂ’t necessarily mean itÂ’s actually practical.

On top of those, Carpenter also talked about other things related to Geometry Wars: Galaxies, such as the consideration of future Geometry Wars games and the tradition of including the game’s predecessors in every Geometry Wars release. For additional information, just follow the source link below back to the full interview.

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