SOS Princesse Peach v1.1 now out

SOS Princess Peach - Image 1If you’ve had some problems with pspflashsystem’s SOS Princesse Peach, then you should be pleased to know that the homebrew developer managed to update the game with some fixes. More details in the full article!

Download: SOS Princesse Peach v1.1

Paper Mario - Image 1Those who’ve taken a liking to Pspflashsystem’s SOS Princesse Peach may want to update their game, now that the homebrew developer has posted an update of SOS Princesse Peach in the Xtreamlua forums.

This update fixes some bugs present in the game, such as improving support for the PSP Slim, fixing music bugs as well as adjusting Mario’s movement speed. Enjoy the download the below!

Download: SOS Princesse Peach v1.1

Via Xtreamlua

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