Speed up PlayStation 3 load times for only US$ 660

How to Speed Up the Playstation 3 - Image 1Want to know how to speed up your PlayStation 3 load times in the most impractical way possible? Then go to the full article to find out.

How to Speed Up the Playstation 3 - Image 1Patience is a virtue, so they say. But if you just can’t take the loading times of the PlayStation 3, then maybe this piece of advice from ExtremeTech can help you out. Maybe. If you have a few hundred bucks lying around.

To see if they can speed up loading times, they swapped out their PS3’s 60 GB HDD with Intel‘s new 80 GB X25-M SSD. The result? Install times that are 25% to 40% faster.

Note though, that this boost doesn’t apply to Blu-ray games – the HDD swap takes care of disk speed, but not the speed of the Blu-ray drive – so it’s only really good for downloaded games and for load times.

This strikes as a spectacularly impractical method as the Intel drive, which lies in the range of US$ 660 to 700, costs more than an 80 GB PS3 console does. However, if a few extra minutes of waiting really bugs you, and if you have the cash, then by all means, go for it.

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