SpellForce 2 patch now available

Spellforce 2 gets a patch! - Image 1We do believe it’s time for all the SpellForce 2 fans on QJ to harness their powers and download a recently released patch for the game. If you’re interested in knowing what’s been changed as a result of the patch, head on over to the full article.

Download: SpellForce 2 Patch

Spellforce 2 gets a patch - Image 1SpellForce 2 fans had better get off their dragons and get on their computer chairs. JoWooD Productions has announced the release of a patch for SpellForce 2, which solves some multiplayer problems as well as a camera bug that happens on rare occasions.

The patch works on SpellForce 2: Gold and SpellForce 2: DragonStorm, so there’s no reason not to pick it up. In any case, keep checking QJ for more updates on this and all your other favorite games.

Download: SpellForce 2 Patch

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