Square Enix 2008 lineup – Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII dated

Square Enix - Image 1Square Enix is off to an early start as they give us their 2008 games lineup for the US. One exciting entry in the list is the English version of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 (finally!). Check out Square Enix’s line-up of games for 2008 in the full article.

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core - Image 1 

Square Enix is off to an early start as they release their lineup of games for the US for next year. It’s more cause to look forward to the New Year. Included in the lineup is the highly anticipated Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7.

First up is Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors which will hit shelves on February 26, 2008. In Dragon Quest Swords, you’ll have to do some serious slashing as you save the kingdom of Avalonia from an invasion of monsters.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates for the Nintendo DS will be available on March 11. You will be following the adventures of the twins Yuri and Chelinka as they battle the evils of the blood red moon.

The World Ends With You (also known as It’s a Wonderful World) for the Nintendo DS still has a vague release date of just Spring 2008. Take on the role of psychic teenager Neku as he tries to survive the Shinigami Corp – the death gods.

And finally, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7which needs no introduction for a lot of you – will be released on March 25. Crisis Core follows the story of Zack, set right before the events of Final Fantasy 7.

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