StreamMyGame Linux Player released, broadband service by March

Logo of StreamMyGame online streaming service - Image 1For those of you subscribed to the StreamMyGame web-based service offered for PS3 users, you might be happy to know that you can now run games off the free Linux Player offered for it.

This was promised by StreamMyGame a while back when the service first went online and is now currently in full swing for PS3 consoles running on Linux. Check out more details about this online streaming service after the jump!

StreamMyGame PC audio and video streaming service - Image 1True to its word, StreamMyGame has now launched its free Linux Player application, which enables you to play any PC game via a PlayStation 3 running on Linux.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with StreamMyGame, this unique game service allows you to remotely run PC games through a dedicated StreamMyGame server and play them through a second computer – be it another PC, laptop, PS3, or Linux device – without having to install it.

This allows you to play games that you normally wouldn’t be able to on a slower machine. The free Linux Player supplements the service’s already broad range of compatible players, including ones for Windows XP and Vista. Sony recommends compatible Linux installations such as Ubuntu and Yellow Dog Linux to run the service on your console.

StreamMyGame CEO Richard Faria had this to say with the the service’s new extendability on the Linux platform:

We believe our new Linux player will enable many new devices to connect to the StreamMyGame service. We would like to see STBs and DMAs using our technology and we have already begun development for mobile OS such as Windows Mobile and Android.

StreamMyGame will eventually extend its services to enable games to be played remotely over broadband networks by March. These include services such as Verizon‘s FiOS, Comcast’s Wideband, and British Telecom’s FTTP.

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