Street Fighter IV update: official info versus “leaked” details

Street Fighter IV - Image 1Armchair pugilists, your attention please. It seems that the wait for more Street Fighter IV information is already over, with Capcom unveiling quite a few details about their upcoming hit. Of course, with official details, there are also rumors, and this update covers some of the supposedly-leaked information about this highly-anticipated beat-em-up. So if you’re still hankering for more about Street Fighter IV, then dig in at the full article.

Street Fighter IV - Image 1 Street Fighter IV - Image 2 

We’ve been waiting quite a while for more information about Capcom‘s upcoming next-gen beat-em-up, Street Fighter IV, and now we get not only some official information, but also some supposedly-leaked details. This includes the two new screenshots of the game in action you see above, with Ryu and Ken duking it out.

First, let’s look at the official details, as released by Capcom itself:

  • The game will still have the same 2D perspective, but with additional 3D camera flourishes (in keeping with the stylized 3D visual style).
  • Four original Street Fighter characters are confirmed to make their return, namely Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and Dhalsim.
  • The six-button controls are back, and with its return a mostly-intact moveset with a lot of new additions.
  • New locations, new special moves, new game systems.

That’s the official stuff. Now, we move on to information that was allegedly leaked to a Brazilian gaming blog named Blogeek. They are as follows:

  • Street Fighter IV‘s visual style has more to do with making it look good, rather than making it photo-realistic. Art direction is key.
  • Street Fighter IV runs at 60 frames per second.
  • Online Play is included.
  • The game takes place after Super Street Fighter II Turbo and before Street Fighter III.
  • Character roster will be made out of many old characters and entirely new ones.
  • Two new female characters are making their debut in Street Fighter IV.
  • The stage in the current screenshots is Chun-Li’s stage from Street Fighter II.
  • Parry System is replaced with Saving/Revenge system. No details about this yet.
  • Supers are still there, along with a new auto-combo system called Ultras. It’s like a custom combo, but with predetermined moves.
  • Shen Long may appear in the game. Yes, THAT Shen Long.
  • Platforms aren’t confirmed yet, but with online play, it’s a safe bet that Xbox 360 and PS3 are two of the consoles. Capcom may or may not be putting out test machines in Japan arcades in Q2 next year.

That’s all we have about the allegedly-leaked information about Street Fighter IV. While we’re not one to say that all rumors are true right off the bat, they do tie up with the official details quite a bit. There’s also the deal about the two unreleased screenshots that they put up. Of course, until Capcom confirms or denies these rumors (which they’ve yet to do), let’s leave them at that for now.

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