Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory gets new DLC

Sudden Strike 3 - Image 1  Want more challenges of World War II from Fireglow Games' Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory? Never fear because a new downloadable packis here! It brings a couple of new multiplayer maps and a new single player challenge. The full article has the low-down on this nifty offering, so head over there and see if you like what you see.

Sudden Strike 3 - Image 1 Those currently enjoying the intense strategy in Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory for the PC are about to get another shocker as Fireglow Games releases a small but loaded downloadable pack. It's 97.5MB in size, and it has three key features.

The first two are multiplayer maps where you can battle out with friends. The other one is a hardcore single-player mission that will test veterans looking for new challenges. Here are some details from the devs themselves:

  • Tongs - This peculiar map contains a large island in the middle. It can be played by 2 to 6 people. There are 5 bridges on the map and a lot of flags to fight for.
  • Elimination - This map features kill-em-all style on a flat map.
  • Untermehmen VII "C" - This hardcore single mission features the old good Sudden Strike play. You have limited amount of reinforcements ... and the enemy has much more. You will like it.
Fireglow reminds us all that the pack requires the original Sudden Strike 3 Arms for Victory DVD. Enjoy the challenges of World War II!

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