Tales of Pirates to have Monster hunt first thing in 2008

Tales of Pirates - Image 1Looking for a special event this new year in Tales of Pirates? IGG and MOLL has something great for you. An invasion is about to take place in Shaitan City and the citizens need you to cleanse it of the scourge. Countless monsters will be there for the hunt, and a tough boss will lead them for the finale. A great reward awaits those brave enough to take on this threat. See the full article for more details.

Tales of Pirates - Image 1All you Tales of Pirates swashbucklers out there better get set because the Monster Army is coming and a massive invasion is in the works on the first day of 2008. On January 1, all participating servers will experience a siege of Shaitan City upon notification from the GMs. Defending the city will be top priority, and slaying the beasts will yield great rewards.

On the next day, things will get more hectic because bad-ass boss Barborosa will enter the fray and bring the Maze Chest with him. That should provide some serious motivation to take on this fearsome challenge.

There's a set of rules to be followed in this very special event as mandated by developer MOLL and IGG. They are:
  • The GM will announce where the Monsters will emerge to players.
  • After the announcement is made, the GM will start the clock to record the time the players take to kill all monsters.
  • After all of the monsters are killed, the GM will inform the players of the time they took and which server has won this game.
  • If the players do not succeed in killing all of the monsters in 1 hour, they will lose the game and their server will also lose the game and fail to get any rewards.
  • The Players from the winning server will get a chance to kill the Boss Barborosa at 8:30 EST (GMT-5) the next day.
Happy hunting and happy new year!

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