Target already slashed US$ 50 off Xbox 360 Pro?

Xbox 360 price cut - Image 1This could be the confirmation that we're waiting for: Target is currently marketing the Xbox 360 Pro SKU with the appealing tag price of US$ 299.99. Does this mean that the slashed-down price for the Pro already applicable? Hit the full article for more details.

Xbox 360 price cut - Image 1 

Even more news leading to the Xbox 360 price cut: here's another clue that concerns the validity the rumor concerning a hefty price cut on the Microsoft console's most popular SKU, the Xbox 360 Pro. This time, Target's online retail store now lists the retail price Microsoft Xbox 360 Pro as US$ 299.99. The offer is good in walk-in stores, however.

That makes it a good US$ 50 slashed off its current price tag. Does this mean that it's time to whip out your credit cards or go and bulldoze your way to the nearest brick-and-mortar retail store? Well, if you want to, of course - we need someone to confirm whether or not the discount already applies in all Target stores.

This already sounds like the confirmation that we're waiting for. Will this price cut also be applicable to other SKUs? It should be: the lowest-priced Xbox 360 SKU, the Core Arcade Bundle, is worth US$ 275. In any case, this means that we're going to see real developments concerning the Xbox 360 cuts soon. More details to follow!

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