TGS 2008: Bomberman Ultra Debut Gameplay

TGS 2008 - Image 1Just a week after it was officially announced, Capcom has now unveiled the Debut Gameplay trailer for the next-gen remake of one of the classic Bomberman in Bomberman Ultra. Everything is the same, and yet, so different. See what we mean by watching the video after the jump.

And here we have the Debut Gameplay video for Capcom‘s next-gen remake of a classic, Bomberman Ultra. It was only announced just over a week ago, and it certainly is in good timing coming to the TGS 2008.

It’s looking all jazzed up, befitting the powers of Sony‘s PS3. The gameplay remains the same, though, only, made all the more fun by throwing in a couple of your friends to play with you. Oh, and as is all the rage with practically every game today, your characters are fully customizable. Everything else is free to be bombed, just don’t bomb yourself.

Bomberman Ultra
comes out on the PSN this Winter.

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