There’s no place like Home, Phil Harrison says Sony has “brilliantly realised their ambitions”

Phil Harrison - Image 1Former Sony creative lead Phil Harrison looks back at his old company and sees how it has done since he left. He shares a few words on Home and how community platforms will find a bright future in gaming.

PlayStation home - Image 1Atari president and former Sony exec Phil Harrison has nothing but praise for his former company’s PlayStation Home, telling Eurogamer that Sony has “brilliantly realized their ambitions.” Earlier this week, Harrison also said that Sony “will have a very successful platform” with the project that was created under his leadership.

Harrison also started tinkering with the newly updated Xbox dashboard, saying, “I was quite impressed actually with some of the things that [Microsoft has] done,” he said. “They’re re just scratching the surface of what the whole industry recognizes is that customization, socialization and community platforms are going to be just as important as the games themselves.”

With about 14 million registered accounts for PSN and Live, the two platforms have set the standard for online features and content accessibility. It’s to no surprise at all that Xbox and PlayStation are both proliferating their online fronts.

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