Two downloadable add-on packs for Folklore invading PSN

Game Republic and SCEI's Folklore - Image 1 We’re sure you pretty much know Folklore‘s Netherworld like the back of your hand, but how would you like to grab a couple more missions, quests, Folks, and maybe even new costumes for Ellen and Keats? Check out the full article for more info about the new Add-On Packs available on the PlayStation Network for Game Republic and Sony Computer Entertainment International (SCEI)’s Folklore.

Game Republic and Sony Computer Entertainment's Folklore - Image 1 Game Republic and Sony Computer Entertainment's Folklore - Image 2 Game Republic and Sony Computer Entertainment's Folklore - Image 3 

Associate Producer Eric Fong came on the PlayStation Blog today to announce the new add-on packs for the Game Republic and Sony Computer Entertainment International’s (SCEI) video game for the PlayStation 3. There are a couple of downloadable content that will surely extend your stay in the Netherworld.

So what’s new for Folklore (FolksSoul in Japan)? Well, only two additional content packs were announced, though Fong indicated that the said packs will be available via the PlayStation Network will each include “a new costume for either Ellen OR Keats, a completely new Folk, and 4 additional quests.”

Add-On Pack 1 is called “The Kidnapped Folk” and as the name suggests, you as Keats or Ellen must rescue a kidnapped Folk. In the process, you might get the allegiance of Brumbear’s soldiers and encounter a new Folk called Maximillian.

The second Add-On Pack for Folklore is called “Bottom of the Sea.” In the said pack, Keats gets a body suit quite reminiscent of Kamen Rider (*insert girlish scream of one QJ writer here*), plus an extra quest from Damona, a mystery in the Endless Corridor, and the ending to the Wandering Thoughts mission in “The Kidnapped Folk.” You can also face a new Folk called Phutcampus, so make sure Keats is in that “transcension” state of his.

The Add-On Packs are priced at US$ 3.99 each or US$ 5.99 bundled. We’ll keep you posted on more news regarding Folklore for the PlayStation 3, so stay tuned.

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