Ubisoft raises guidance for fiscal year 2007-2008

The Ubisoft logo - Image 1When you’ve got some important projects coming up, its important to aim high and go for broke. In Ubisoft‘s case, the company has raised its fiscal 2007-2008 guidance. The reason: a strong performance on the part of its games. That’s the news in general. if you want more monetary details, though, turn to the full article after the jump.

A variation of the Ubisoft logo - Image 1A good performance has a way of encouraging people to set their sights on even higher goals. Take the case of Ubisoft, for instance. The company has raised its current year targets due to strong performance from its games.

How high are Ubisoft’s targets, exactly? We’re talking an expectation of EUR€ 920 million in full-year sales here. Not bad, considering that the guidance given last January 23 was at
EUR€ 875 million.

The company has also raised its fourth quarter sales outlook from EUR€ 165 million to EUR€ 210 million. Ubisoft also expects current operating income before stock options to represent around 14% of sales.

With all these high expectations, it’s probably no coincidence that Jade Raymond picked this time to work on a new project.

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