UK cosplayers set Guinness World Record

UK cosplayers set Guinness World Record - Image 1Do you like games so much that you like dressing up as your favorite game characters? Well, the people over at UK did that and so much more.

Apparently, a lot of cosplayers gathered and tried to set a Guinness World Record. If you’re curious to know how well they fared, then click on the “read more” link.

UK cosplayers set Guinness World Record - Image 1Cosplay is one great facet of games. Opinions range from people finding it weird to people who are delighted by the mere mention of the word. Nonetheless, no one can deny that fact that it’s definitely a fun activity.

As for the people in UK, they do know how to party as cosplayers. In fact, they wanted to prove something to rest of the world by setting a new Guinness World Record. The participants attempted “The Largest Gathering of Games Characters.”

Since there were no previous records that were set before, everybody there knew that they would easily reach such a feat. A total of 80 cosplayers turned up for this event. Various characters showed up as Sonic, Final Fantasy characters, Lara Croft, Tails, and a guy who really resembled Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life series.

If you want to see the cosplayers in action, feel free to visit the link below. Do comeback to QJ quirky news tidbits such as this in the future.

Via Gamespot UK

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