UltraDespertar Installer v1

UltraDespertar Installer v1 - Image 1Marce82 and The Sixth Halcon tipped us of to a new homebrew they’re releasing at the QJ.NET Forums, dubbed UltraDespertar Installer v1. This application will enable users to run Despertar del Cementerio versions 3, 4, and 5, among its other functions. Further details are available in the full article.

Download: UltraDespertar v.1
Visit: QJ.NET PSP Development Forum

UltraDespertar Installer v1 - Image 1 UltraDespertar Installer v1 - Image 2 

Here’s a big heads up from Marce82 and The Sixth Halcon. These two developers tipped us off to a new homebrew they’ve recently released over in the QJ.NET PSP Development Forum, dubbed UltraDespertar v.1.

This homebrew application will enable users to organize all their psp backups, and to easily sort their other files into one folder. It doesn’t sound that handy, until you read the rest of the dev’s details on what it can do (Quoting the forum post):

  • Now the 1.50 Flasher uses a 150.PBP file instead the classic UPDATE.PBP to make it more easier to use with time machine.
  • You can execute all homebrew in a fat or slim by the custom homebrew links.
  • You can use DC (Despertar del Cementerio) 3, 4 and 5. Use use the corresponding PBP’s for each version
  • You can make backups of the EEROM, NAND, Keys, IPLs, and NAND backups are compatible with DC series and viceversa.
  • You can access to all flash disks (only fat) and Memory Stick disk (fat and slim).
  • You can format any flash.
  • You can run Time Machine.
  • You can pandorize or de-pandorize your battery, install MsIPL or install Multi_Loader.

The app’s interface is currently in Spanish – the devs are planning to create an English release in the near future. Those interested in full details regarding UltraDespertar v.1 are strongly advised to visit its release thread at the QJ.NET PSP Development Forum.

Download: UltraDespertar v.1
Visit: QJ.NET PSP Development Forum

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