Valve and Nunchuck Games release Ninja Reflex: Steamworks Edition

Ninja Reflex: Steamworks Edition released - Image 1Want to see if you’ve got ninja skills without leaving your computer chair? Well, Valve’s Steam service has the answer for you, and it comes in the form of Ninja Reflex: Steamworks Edition. Learn more about this ninjariffic game after the jump!

Ninja Reflex: Steamworks Edition now out - Image 1

Valve Corporation and Nunchuck Games recently announced the release of Ninja Reflex: Steamworks Edition. This version of Ninja Reflex (Wii, DS) is a special, Steam-specific release of the game.

What’s so special about Ninja Reflex: Steamworks Edition? Well, in addition to training you in the ninja arts, this version of the game is made using Valve’s Steamworks development suite. For those more interested in game mechanics however, know that the game sports 50 new achievements for gamers to pick up, and also carries some hidden easter eggs related to the Half-Life universe.

Ninja Reflex: Steamworks Edition is now available through the Steam service and will sell for US$ 8.95, 10% off the game’s regular price, for the rest of its launch week.

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