Valve on why 3rd party will be involved in Left 4 Dead PS3

Left 4 Dead  - Image 1We know that Valve won’t be releasing a PlayStation 3 port of the upcoming zombie shooter Left 4 Dead (Xbox 360, PC). But Valve Corporation is open to the possibility of having a port although the company has maintained that a third party dev would likely create the PS3 port. Why? Over at the full article, Valve’s Doug Lombardi shares his thoughts so make the jump.

Valve StudiosLeft 4 Dead  - Image 1

As early as February’s GDC 2008, we already knew that Valve Corporation won’t be releasing a PlayStation 3 version for the upcoming zombie shooter game Left 4 Dead (Xbox 360, PC). But at least Valve is open to the possibility of a PS3 port. Clarifying their position, Valve’s Doug Lombardi shares more of his insights.

Lombardi, the marketing man for Valve Corporation, tells us that it is only natural to create as many versions of a successful video game, citing Half-Life as an example. That is why a PS3 port is possible.

But Valve has maintained in the past that a third party developer may be involved if a PS3 port does happen. Why? Lombardi explains:

We’re only 150 people, so there’s only so many things we can do. But it’s one of those things with partners, wanting to take on that investment and risk. I think until L4D is proven, you’ll probably just see what we make in that franchise.

And before anything else, there’s a big clincher here. A PlayStation 3 port solely rests on the success of Left 4 Dead. That’s a big if. Lombardi believes Left 4 Dead “doesn’t have that guaranteed appeal yet,” owing to the fact that this is a new IP. More updates here at QJ.NET as we get them.

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