Video: Dog plays Wii Sports

Nintendo Wii - Image 1You may think you've seen a lot of crazy stuff from Nintendo Wii owners finding their own ways to twist the Wii Sports. experience. The video in the full article, however, just raises the bar. It proves that dogs can do a lot more than fetch, roll over, play dead, and drool. They can play video games too!

Here in the QJ.NET Nintendo Wii blog, we've seen some pretty crazy stuff that people do with their console. Nothing, however, can prepare you for what you're about to see as a dog proves that the specie is still man's best friend even in the world of gaming by playing Wii Sports. Check it out:

Pretty cool, eh? That solves the problem of friends not being able to come over for a Wii party. Man and dog can now live a fit life thanks to video games.

It would be cool if more animals can get into the hobby. A kangaroo who plays Wii Boxing could be nice. What do you think?

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