Video: PlayTV UK Demo

PlayTV logo - Image 1The Demo trailer for Sony‘s PlayTV has come out in the UK. We’ve got the video embedded in the full article, and we’d have to tell you it’s really quite something to see it in action. So far it’s looking very fluid and no-frills. Hit the jump button and you’re there.

The UK Demo trailer for Sony‘s PlayTV has hit the web, and we’d have to say we’re quite impressed with what we saw. The video is a no-frills take on what the program essentially has to offer, and really, it looks like the program itself is no-frills.

It showed the various features like the following:

  • View, Record & Rewind Live TV
  • Fast and easy to use Guide
  • Background recording during gameplay
  • Keyword programme search
  • Remote Play access for PSP

Personally, what I’m really excited about is the Rewind Live TV function. Imagine rewinding over and over antics from the World’s Craziest Videos or something. That’s bound to be a hoot! And of course, how can you not be excited as well with the Remote Play access for the PSP? Cool, huh?

Anyhow, it’s all looking very promising and we’re sure you can’t wait to go see it for yourself. So go ahead, just click the play button in the embed below and you’re good to go.

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