Video: rebuilding the Super Mario World with Legos

Mario - Image 1Mario is probably one of the most recognizable videogame icons in history, and having him in one form or another in your living room is definitely a treat. While he may not be able to manipulate glass with flame to make a stunning glass recreation of the world-famous plumber, BlindSight does the next best thing with Lego blocks, and we see the end result in the video at the full article. Read on to watch it.

Pixel art, in its digital form, is hard. Pixel art in Lego? That’s even harder. But someone by the name of BlindSight seems to have quite the knack for the latter, as he’s aiming to rebuild the colorful realm of Super Mario World using nothing but the tiny, durable, timeless building blocks of our childhood. Yes, he’s making the Mushroom Kingdom out of Lego, and in this video we see him starting off with none other than Mario himself.

As we can see, the guy’s certainly got talent – not only was he able to recreate the pixelated goodness of Normal Mario (that is, Mario without the performance-enhancing mushroom) down to the last dot, but also his back. That’s attention to detail right there – and we can’t wait for more of his work, especially with the game’s more colorful characters. How about some Kuribou Shoe Mario joy there, BlindSight?

Enjoy the video!

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