We Love Golf for North America and Europe to have online play

We Love Golf Capcom Camelot - Image 1Playing Wii games is a lot more fun when playing with other people, but what do you do if your friends just aren’t around to waggle beside you? Go online, of course! Capcom and Camelot’s We Love Golf is going to have online play for North American and European gamers, and we couldn’t be any more happier to hear such good news. More details in the full article!

We Love Golf Capcom Camelot - Image 1Here’s something good for golfing fans: Capcom and Camelot’s upcoming golf title for the Wii, We Love Golf, will have online gameplay, among other already great gameplay features. The option, according to some snippets that were published in Nintendo Power magazine, is currently being built into the North American and European versions of the game. Check out the excerpt, as reported on NeoGAF:

We are right in the middle of developing and debug testing for North American and European versions of We Love Golf! The major content newly added is the online gameplay, in addition to support for multiple languages in North America and Europe. Also, in addition to the new characters, we tweaked the graphics a little in order to appeal to international players. Furthermore, we’re rethinking the swing speed as well.

You have the option to play with a friend through the use of Friend Codes in online matches. But like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, golfers can choose to play with a random opponent, without the need of the slightly cumbersome Friend Codes. Gamers can engage in online matches over six, nine, or 18 holes in We Love Golf.

More updates to come, as always!

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