White Knight Chronicles: first market RPG on native 1080p?

White Knight Story - Image 1Level-5‘s RPG, White Knight Story/Chronicles, is making a lot of noise in the gaming world, and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down. Today we picked up on information that only adds to the excitement over this title: 1080p support. Read about it after the jump.

White Knight Story - Image 1After having the confirmed official release date for Level-5‘s White Knight Story/Chronicles, anything else that comes after that is just an added treat. Well today we have exactly that added treat as we picked up word that the title will be supporting 1080p.

Actually, it started out as a rumor, and since we haven’t heard anything official about it, we’re tagging that as such for now as well. But according to a forums post over at Neogaf, Dengeki has got scans as well as new information on WKS/C.

Allegedly, the scans do say that this will be the first RPG in the market to be native to 1080p. Apart from that, its story line will also be at par in terms of quality with the Dragon Quest series, while the image quality is close to that of Final Fantasy‘s. Meanwhile, the aspects are reminiscent of Monster Hunter.

Funny how those descriptions sounded like a yearbook write-up. Anyway, as I’ve said, these are all just “rumors” for now, but there’s nothing bad in hoping these flowery descriptions do hold true, don’t you think?

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Via NeoGaf

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