Wii accessory: Laser Sight Crossbow controller

Wii accessory: Laser Sight Crossbow controller - Image 1With the coming of new consoles and games, controllers of different shapes and sizes have boomed in production. As an additional testament, the Laser Sight Crossbow controller has just been released. Now this is certainly something interesting when used. Learn more about this item after the jump!

Wii accessory: Laser Sight Crossbow controller - Image 1Do you find it a tad too difficult aiming your Wiimote at the screen when playing shooting games for Nintendo’s console? Well this latest controller might just be able to do the trick.

The laser sight feature alone is enough to give you guys that help when blowing your enemies to smithereens. With the addition of the vertical handles, you won’t be worrying on how long you guys will be able to hold the controller.

What’s just peculiar about this little gadget is that it has a ping pong ball for a tip. Although the controller might not as bad as it may seem, we’re sure it can do its job properly.

The crossbow remote is priced at a hefty US$ 28. Pretty high, we must say. But with the additions it has compared to a normal Wiimote, it’s definitely something that should be considered by serious shooters out there.

Via Gizmodo

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