Wii Duplicated Channel Remover v2.0, no longer uses Trucha exploit

Wii Nintendo - Image 1If you’re bothered with the duplicate Wii channels that pop up in your Nintendo console’s menu, then you may want to check out the update to waninkoko‘s Wii Duplicated Channel Remover. So what’s new this time? Compared to the first release, this specific version no longer makes use of the Trucha exploit. More details in the full article.

Download: Wii Duplicated Channel Remover v2.0

Wii Nintendo - Image 1For those who had some problems with duplicate channels that pop up in the Wii menu, here’s the solution that you’ve been waiting for (in case you haven’t come across the first release of this application). Homebrew developer waninkoko just updated the ever-useful Wii Duplicated Channel Remover, and this specific version doesn’t make use of the Trucha exploit.

Those who don’t know how to start using the duplicate channel remover have two options (pick one most appropriate for your Wii):

  • ISO: Just burn the ISO of your Wii region and load it.
  • ELF: Just load the ELF of your Wii region with the Twilight Hack.

Similar to the previous version, waninkoko warns those who want to use the Wii Duplicated Channel Remover to make sure that they are using the version compatible with their Nintendo Wii, be it USA, PAL, or JAP. Using the wrong version would remove the real channels, so be careful.

You can go ahead and try out the ‘brewed application if you’re sure that you know what you’re doing. Again, be careful: waninkoko will not take any responsibility if anything untoward happens to your console.

Download: Wii Duplicated Channel Remover v2.0

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