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Wii homebrew - Image 1Who says video games are bad? Test your Bible knowledge in this completely Jack Thompson-friendly brew, with hundreds of questions regarding the content of the Holy Bible. Know your angels, saints, and Biblical Feet to get that top score.

Download: BibleQuiz

Bible Quiz - Image 1

I’ll take “Noah’s Ark” for a thousand! I wish. It might not earn you anything, but you’d be surprised how fun this can be, provided you’re Christian of course. Pick a category from 3 different languages and prove that you’re no Agnostic.

Language Quiz Topic Questions author
English Angels 20 www.biblequizzes.com

Creation of the earth 10 www.biblequizzes.com

David’s Life 40 www.biblequizzes.com

Prophecy of Ezekiel 20 www.biblequizzes.com

Biblical Feet 20 www.biblequizzes.com

Genesis 10 www.biblequizzes.com

Joseph’s Life 40 www.biblequizzes.com

Significant Numbers 10 www.biblequizzes.com

Hills and mountains 20 www.biblequizzes.com

Bible geography 20 www.biblequizzes.com

Noah’s Ark 20 www.biblequizzes.com

Wine in the bible 20 www.biblequizzes.com

Roots, Fruits, Leaves, Flowers 20 www.biblequizzes.com

Dutch De aartsvaders 25 wplaat

Van Adam tot Abraham 25 wplaat

Bijbelboeken 25 wplaat

Jozef 25 wplaat

Belangrijke Bijbelse nummers 20 wplaat

German Bedeutendes Numbers 20 wplaat


So you think you can outscore your mom? To install, just copy the BibleQuiz directory from the archive into the apps directory on the root of your SD card. If you are using a different loader, you only need the unzipped bibleQuiz archive. Consult the documentation for your loader so you’d know where to put the file. After that, just launch the game with your loader.

As for the most recent development logs, here they are:

24/11/2008 Version 0.51

  • Added check if new version is available.
  • Added animated screen icons
  • Solved some minor reported bugs
  • Content update:
– Added 100 english questions (5 topics).
– Added 20 dutch questions (1 topic).
– Added 20 german questions (1 topic).
– Added french translation.
– Corrected some wrong answers.

19/11/2008 Version 0.4

  • Added highscore screen
  • Highscore is stored (in xml format) on the SD card
  • Added credits screen
  • Added help (minus button) screen
  • Added 10 music tracks
  • Use freetype library as font render engine for screen (sub) titles
  • Content update:
– Added 170 english questions (8 topics)
– Added 100 dutch questions (4 topics)
– Added spanisch translation

Download: BibleQuiz

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