Wii Web Server alpha v0.3

Wii Web Server alpha v0.3 - Image 1Developers Cboomf and Felix123 have recently rolled out version 0.3 of their Web Server homebrew for the Nintendo Wii. Among other updates, this new build will carry support for the Wiimote. More details are available over in the full article.

Download: Wii Web Server alpha v0.30

Wii Web Server alpha v0.3 - Image 1It looks like we won’t have to wait long until before Cboomf and Felix123 add more features to their steadily improving Wii Web Server homebrew. The developers have recently announced the release of Wii Web Server alpha v0.30, which will now carry support for the Wiimote controller.

As a recap for the guys who weren’t here during the previous releases: This homebrew is basically a web server built to work with the Nintendo Wii console. It’s still in the early stages of development, and currently displays a test page only. Here’s the lowdown on its most recent updates:

  • alpha v0.3
    • Added wiimote support
    • Added image support
    • Added /img image test link
  • alpha v0.24b
    • Bug fixes for 0.24a
    • //a is now back to /a, but //quit is still there for other reasons

As with the previous releases Wii Web Server releases, version 0.30 does not include a readme. There is one available over at the developer’s site (via the source link below) – we advise the readers visit that for further details how to install and use this homebrew.

Download: Wii Web Server alpha v0.30

Via WiiBrew

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