Wiibrew game UNO v5: improved graphics, new features

Wii Homebrew game: UNO - Image 1Wii homebrew developer kriogeN has released a new build to his game, UNO, a translation of the classic card game for the Wii. The game is now on version 5, with improved graphics and new features. Details in the full article.

Download: UNO v5

Wii Homebrew game: UNO - Image 1 

There’s nothing like a good game of UNO. A new build is out for kriogeN‘s translation of the game for the Wii. Also called UNO, the game is now on version 5, and now sports improved graphics and new features.

The game can accommodate up to 4 players via LAN or Telnet. There are more details and instructions on this in the readme, so make sure to go through it first. It’s in its native Spanish though, so go over it with a translator if you’re not familiar with the language.

Here are the changes since the last version as enumerated by kriogeN:

  • Improved graphics.
  • When using a wildcard color (normal or letters +4) is the next player who can put the color you want, be the same player who has put the letter, if this version works well add this in the next .
  • If someone leaves the game to warn other players to disconnect.

Download: UNO v5

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