Xbox 360: New System update available via XBL

Xbox 360: New System update available via XBL - Image 1Microsoft has recently released a new System update for their Xbox 360, available for download when you log into Xbox Live. Wondering what  sort of contents this update may carry? Visit the full article for further details.

New System update available for Xbox Live - Image 1 If you haven’t logged into your Xbox Live account lately, you may want to read this heads-up. Microsoft has just released a new update you’re required to upload to the console the next time you go online.

The update doesn’t appear to do anything to add any features, save that it carries code to “prepare for future growth of the service.”

That said, those with an eye on their calendars may notice that it’s only less than two week before May – around the same time as MS’ Spring update for 2007.That particular update caused considerable issues for some 360 owners when it was released.

It’s unclear whether this system update is in preparation for a similar dashboard upgrade or otherwise. We advise the readers to keep an eye out in case any more information regarding this matter is released.

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