Xbox Live: College Hoops 2K8, MX vs. ATV: Untamed demos

Xbox Live: College Hoops 2K8, MX vs. ATV: Untamed free demos - Image 1Got about 1.6 GB of space free on your Xbox 360? We’ve just received word that Xbox Live has updated with two new free demos for your perusal: The 360 port of College Hoops 2K8, and MX Vs. ATV: Untamed. In case you’re wondering what sort of features each game will for you, we’ve provided for a brief description for each, available in the full article.

Xbox Live: College Hoops 2K8, MX vs. ATV Untamed demos - Image 1We have just picked up word that Xbox Live now has two demos free for download for your Xbox 360: College Hoops 2K8 (Xbox 360PS3, and PS2), and MX vs. ATV: Untamed (PS3,PS2, PSP, DS, Wii).

2K SportsCollege Hoops 2K8 should be quite the treat for the sports fans. It’s expected to feature over 90 classic teams (in the full game), and a soundtrack that aims to keep your groove moving through the courts. The demo will require 725.78 MB of disc space.

For the guys with an eye for dirt and high-octane action, you’ll be sure to find plenty of both in THQ‘s MX vs. ATV Untamed. The demo will provide you with a teaser of the sort of crazy air stunts afforded only by the likes of All-Terrain vehicles and Motocross bikes. Just be sure to have 911.78 MB ready in your HDD before readying your download.

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