Xbox Live still problematic, users want compensation

Xbox Logo - Image 1According to the complaints on the Xbox Official Forums, Xbox Live connection problems are still rampant. Some find the issues that prevent them from having a great time with their Xbox 360 consoles hooked up online so inconvenient that they demand compensation. More on this at the full article.

Oh, Microsoft - Image 1The holiday season has been spoiled for Xbox Live users who couldn't access the service smoothly as they hoped, and the victims demand compensation. Even after Microsoft addressed the problem that caused intermittent issues upon connecting to XBL, many gamers still have painful experiences to share over at the Xbox Official Forums.

"To have an outage as long as this one was is completely unacceptable," said one forum poster who claims that he suffered from connection problems, and wants Microsoft to at least give him extra MS Points or a month of XBL subscription for the time wasted.

Other posters expressed their discontent, while flames aimed at Microsoft and its poor holiday season service came from all directions. Someone went as far as dropping XBL customer service a call, and found out that there are no plans for compensation as of now.

XBL issues extend beyond playing online. One unhappy customer spent 320 MS Points but couldn't claim the movie he paid for. Another lost 800,000 Forza Motorsport 2 credits. Some users voice out saying the recent XBL update just caused more headaches with lag and errors.

Since Microsoft is probably still hard at work to address these concerns, we reckon an official statement regarding the matter should come out soon. We're all ears, so watch this space for updates!

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