XviD4PSP v5.027 final version

XviD4PSP 5.027 final version - Image 1Tired of the Xvid4PSP you have right now? Well, today’s your lucky day, as homebrew coder Winnydows has just rolled out the final version for build 5.027 of the program. Video converting applications has never been this easy, indeed.

To know the different changes and fixes implemented by the coder, check out the full version of this article via the “read more” link below.

XviD4PSP 5.027 final version - Image 1The homebrew application XviD4PSP has been getting a lot of attention lately, with owner Winnydows rolling one update after another.

Today, we get to have the final version for build 5.027 of the program. For the uninitiated, XviD4PSP is a video converter application to be used with Sony’s PSP handheld.

It offers a wide array of compatibility, not to mention the other features incorporated by the coder. Changes for the latest build include:

  • Added VirtualDub plugins in filtering presets support.
  • As VD preset example added MSUCartoonRestore preset.
  • Added crash protection and warning if YV12 decoder not found.
  • PSP 720×480 moved to spetial format – MP4 PSP AVC TV.
  • Full rewriten aspects and resolutions logic.
  • Fixed TDeintEDI deinterlacer.
  • Updated componets: ffmpeg, x264, mp4box.
  • Auto deinterlace default set for MPEGs only now.
  • Fixed muxing to MKV.
  • Fixed load autovolume and autodeinterlace settings.
  • Added FractalDenoising LS and FractalDenoising 3D LS – do LimitedSharpen after denoising. FractalDenoising LS – one of the best filtering modes now.
  • Interlace detection a little bit longer now, but more accurate.
  • Fixed encoding some files to PMP format.
  • Added support link.
  • Fixed TDecimate not found.
  • Added interlacing settings.
  • Added a lot of different deinterlace methods.
  • Added options for control auto deinterlacing.
  • New safe interlace detection engine.
  • Framerate windows combined with interlace window now.
  • Framerate errors must be fixed.
  • Tuned aspect detection.
  • Fixed resolution change.
  • Fixed TTF order set.
  • Returned AVI Hardware HD.
  • 3GP lowed to lowest x264 and XviD settings for phone compatibility.

Note that XviD4PSP requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 to run so be sure that you have that file running on your systems to avoid any problems.

Download: XviD4PSP 5.027 final version

Via Winnydows

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