Yabause Wii (Ac_K’s unofficial mod)

Yabause Wii (Ac_K's unofficial mod) - Image 1 Developer Ac_K has released an unofficial mod of the alpha build of the Yabause emulator for the Nintendo Wii. A couple of clarifications have also been made regarding the background of this homebrew project, available for reading over in the full article.

Download: Yabause Wii (Ac_K’s unofficial mod)

Yabause Wii (Ac_K's unofficial mod) - Image 1

Some clarifications are in order regarding Yabause Wii alpha, and our earlier report that it was developed by Markus1981. This homebrew emulator’s Wii codes were originally written by Team Yabause (CyberWarriorX and Romulo), with development of this port still in the alpha stage (hence its absence in the main builds).

Markus1981’s release is in turn an unofficial build based on the Yabause Team’s Wii codes. With that cleared up, we’re reporting another unofficial Yabause Wii release, this time by developer Ac_K. This build is based on Markus1981’s work and aims to improve some of the functions of the previous project:

  • ThX to Waninkoko for WAD Manager source.
  • ISO selection menu added with help of WAD Manager source.
  • Useless functions remove.
  • Add CUE and BIN support.
  • Littles code optimisations.
  • Check ISO extension.
  • Check if BIOS exist.

We reiterate that this is an unofficial Yabause release, meaning it won’t carry the original developer team’s support should you run into any bugs. Ac_K further noted that he will be stopping development on Yabause Wii after this release.

Now, in case you’re serious about downloading this build, keep in mind that  full details on its controls and installation are available in the file bundle’s readme.

Download: Yabause Wii (Ac_K’s unofficial mod)

Via WiiBrew

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