Yoshi Ono reveals Street Fighter IV consoles release window

Street Fighter IV - Image 1North American console owners and Street Fighter IV (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360) fans will surely be glad to know that a release window has been established by the action title’s producer, Yoshi Ono. Take note, the operative term is “window”, meaning there’s no specific date yet. So when’s the joyful day coming? Find out at the full article.

Street Fighter IV group hug - Image 1 There’s nothing better than having a hot cup of chocolate during Winter, yes? Actually, no. There is something better, and we’ve got Yoshi Ono to thank for brightening up our yet-to-come cold Winter morns.

Capcom‘s Street Fighter IV (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360) producer had a chat with X-Play and finally, he brings some definitive good news pertaining to the release date of the said fighting game for the consoles. But hold your horses. It’s just a window, not a specific date, alright? According to Ono-san:

There is no official North American arcade release, so we kind of feel bad that you guys have to wait for it. That’s why we’re trying to get it to you as soon as possible. Before the Japanese have a really long period of time to get really good at it first and totally kick your butt online…

We don’t want to start rumors that it’s this year, but definitely this Winter (emphasis from source). At some point you’ll be sitting in your winter coat looking at snow out the window… and right then we’ll kind of heat you up a little with some hot Street Fighter action so look forward to that.

The full interview should be showing right about now on X-Play (it’s scheduled for 8PM ET). In the meantime, get your warmers ready.

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