Zucker out, Booty in as Midway Games CEO

Midway games - Image 1Midway Games has been on a bit of a slowdown as of late with lukewarm reception on some of its releases, controversial resignations, and so-so financial results. The company seems to have felt the need for a change in leadership, prompting old CEO David Zucker to resign and for Interim CEO and President Matthew Booty to take over. Details on the move are available in the full article after the jump.

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Chicago-based Publisher Midway Games Inc. has announced that Senior VP of worldwide studios Matthew Booty has stepped up as their Interim CEO and President. This comes after the resignation of former CEO David Zucker.

The development comes after months of seeming troubles for the third-party game maker. Reorganization, reception of game titles, and resignation of marquee-name personnel have plagued the company from 2007 up to presstime.

“The board is confident that a new CEO will be selected who can fully utilise the opportunities presented by this next-generation console cycle to renew Midway’s position as a major player in the video game industry,” said the company in a press release.

Zucker’s departure and Booty’s ascent to CEO status looks amicable and professional as of now, but it can be remembered that previous Midway resignations have not been as sweet. Director Harvey Smith, for instance, left Midway Austin on a sour note, bashing the publisher for matters that transpired in the development of BlackSite: Area 51(PC, Xbox 360, PS3).

It can also be noted that the latest financial results from Midway have not been too spectacular. The company is optimistic about 2008, and has set up plans to strengthen its market position using a new credit scheme. How all this plays out remains to be seen.

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