1.5 Kernel addon for Custom Firmware 3.93

1.50 Kernel Addon for CFW 3.93 - Image 1 Here’s an update for all of you PlayStation Portable owners who upgraded to yesterday’s Custom Firmware 3.93. It’s the 1.50 Kernel Addon for PSP Fats and it packs a couple more additions requested by users. Hop on to the full article for more info.

Download: 1.50 Kernel Addon for CFW 3.93
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1.50 Kernel Addon for CFW 3.93 - Image 1

Yesterday’s new custom firmware release rocked the community’s boat, and today, it looks that we’re in for more rocking. An update for Custom Firmware 3.93 has just hit the Internet waves and with it comes the 1.50 kernel.

In case you missed the report yesterday, CFW 3.93 for the PlayStation Portable was released and it packs in-XMB recovery together with a good number of other features. Note that this 1.50 kernel (version 1) is for the PSP Fat and of course, it only works with the custom firmware released yesterday. The readme lists the following changes:

  • Install on a Fat the kernel 1.50 add on. To use the 1.50 Kernel for an application, you’ll absolutely need to put the Kernel to 1.50, even if the application is in the GAME150 Kernel.
    • If you change the kernel in VSH Recovery, you’ll still need a reboot
  • The new recovery has this two asked features :
    • Suspend device
    • Shutdown device

Installation is pretty simple: You just need to connect your PlayStation Portable to your PC, unzip the contents of the download to your PSP/GAME folder, and paste 150.PBP on the root of your memory stick. This update adds the 1.50 kernel and new recovery (listed above) to PSP Fats and adds the new recovery for PSP Slims.

Like yesterday’s release, we’re not entirely sure who developed the CFW and the kernel, but the release page indicates that bug reports should be directed to Ketchup (theketchupman on our forums). Again, this kernel addon only works for CFW 3.93 (the screenshot says 3.90, we know, but it’s a typo).

Anyway, we’ll wait for more updates regarding this new CFW and kernel so stay tuned.

Download: 1.50 Kernel Addon for CFW 3.93
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