Age of Conan undocumented patch notes compiled

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures - Image 1Undocumented changes for the the PC version of Funcom‘s Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures have just been revealed. To find out more about this, head on over to the full article by clicking on the “read more” link below.

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures - Image 1Most gamers probably already know that patches in the early goings of an MMORPG usually come in two flavors – huge and freaking huge. Considering the last patch for the PC version  (the Xbox 360 version is still in development) of Funcom‘s Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures fell in the latter category, it was inevitable that some details weren’t included in the patch notes.

Thankfully, some enterprising members of the Age of Conan forums took it upon themselves to list down all of these changes and release it to the rest of the gaming populace. So for your viewing pleasure, here are the undocumented patch notes from the last update:


  • Horses move faster
  • You no longer fall through the Guild City gates
  • Party members now show on zone maps
  • Summon to Instance is now enabled.
  • Trade skill resource stacking has been improved
  • Experience to level has been slightly reduced for lower and mid levels, and Increased at the higher levels. Still working on the specifics. Exp curve has defiantly been altered.(See exp change confirmation below)
  • Some of the Hyborian Foliage has taken a vacation.
  • ‘Crouch’ ability added, allowing you to slowly move through others. crouch is 200% slower then not-rogue hide and after using crouch you get -100% PvP defence rating.
  • Some Bugged resources have been sorted
  • Hair still sticks through your helmet but is now the right color rather then blond.
  • Guard AI greatly improved.
  • dance ability now tells you of combos
  • Regional chat is now in so you can chat with players multiple zones away.
  • Attributes (Str, dex, wis, con, int) now have different descriptions when you hover over them.
  • The Info box for items should no longer display off of your screen when you mouse over items in your inventory.
  • Swimming underwater is much clearer now.
  • Combat messages in the chat log have had their colors redone.
  • Many are reporting increases in FPS. (Could be due to the Foliage nerf)
  • The “show quest indicators” toggle on the map now works. It used to turn off everything BUT quest indicators.
  • can now change instances at 20m from rez stones, up from 5m
  • Icon pops up when you get mail, working now.
  • Throwing spears now still show in hand after throwing the first one (used to just be animation of throwing them w/out a spear being held)
  • Resting while afflicted by a DoT effect now properly sets you back into Rest position after taking damage from the DoT.
  • Outgoing /tell color used to be yellow, now it’s purple.
  • Some flora & fauna now appears gradually and not in chunks, for your viewing experience.
  • Some are reporting Grey quests no longer give EXP rewards. Appears some grey quests are still giving exp. Need some clarification.
  • Server load indicator at character select screen now display as Low, Medium, or High Load, instead of “normal” load

Settings Menu

  • Sound sliders in Audio Options changed from 0-100%, to 10-step sliders.
  • New Option in the video settings about Particles(possibly bugged, by not saving what you set it to after re-logging.)
  • ‘Ambience’ sound slider in Audio Options removed.
  • Bloom Lighting has been optimized. Doesn’t take near the FPS hit when enabled.
  • You no longer get stuck when running down steep terrain. You can also run more easily up steep terrain.


  • Parry Has Been Increased Significantly, Especially In Active Block.


  • The climbable vines in Villa Lentulus have been fixed and now show as climb locations
  • The quest givers for the guild zones have been moved to the entrance of each
  • Line of sight issue in Atzels Fortress improved/partially fixed.
  • Halls of eternal frost is itemized now. All bosses are now dropping loot.


  • Necro spell Mark of the Devourer bugged. Persists on target even after your death, causing you to res with aggro and be ganked by mobs at the spawn point.
  • Ice strike now does splash damage (about 40% of main nuke) without feats
  • Pestilential blast now does splash damage (40% of spell damage) without feats
  • ‘Unimaginable Terror’ now has a 45 sec cooldown.


  • Rangers now have to stand up after certain combos before being able to move again, basically it means we’re immobile while the final shot is being charged.
  • Leg hold trap symbol when placed is now red.


  • Overreach reduced in power. Apparently reduced by 40-60% damage. Strikes that were hitting for 1200-1500 overreach III now hitting for 600-700

Herald of Xotli

  • Fire Lance reduced in stamina cost, damage and is now a 2-step Combo. Reduction seems to be ~25-40%


  • Some items have had their appearance changed apparently. One confirmed item being the Vashian Tunic.
  • spellbane cloak from the sanctum quest has 0.3% immunity when it used to be 0.00. Seems that many, if not all, cloaks have had Immunity specs tweaked which used to be 0.00. The cloak of ibis has 0.8 immunity, the woodwarders cloak as has 0.8 immunity.

Confirmed Bugs Introduced

  • There is a bug with group members showing up on zone map. After they leave the group, the blue icon still displays on the zone map and the blue arrow still displays on the minimap.
  • Resource nodes become unresponsive if you are interrupted in gathering, either by being attacked or moving.
  • Jumping and attempting to spin the camera with A or D keys causes you to become stuck until Landing again. Overall Camera movement is much more jerky and stuttering. Not nearly as fluid as it used to be when doing alot of camera movement.


Unconfirmed Changes (need help confirming)

  • Assassin poison blades +10% fizzle chance. think it was like 1% before.
  • Quest Journal possibly increased in size. Need help confirming.

Possible Bugs

  • Reports of Trader’s Possibly not listing any items previous to the patch.
  • Reports of the foliage nerf affecting trees, which makes trees appear barren, with only branches.

Exp Change Confirmation

  • Lower xp per lvl confirmed, ~72000 before patch, 60100 now at lvl 33.
  • lvl 52 HoX, last patch the XP I needed for next level was around 320k, this patch it was 280k.
  • Experience needed to level increased at 79-80 atleast. From 2.9 mill to 3.3 ish.
  • before patch needed 2.24 million, after patch I need 2.32 million, 75+

Via Age of Conan Forums

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