Aion goodness: Of armor dyeing and wolf fighting

Aion has shiny red armor - Image 1Aion Source moderator Zyuu recently put up some interesting information for the fans of upcoming MMORPG Aion: Tower of Eternity, and it comes in the form of examples of armor dyeing and wolf hunting. Learn more about both after the jump!

Aion: of armor dying and wolf hunting - Image 1 Aion: of armor dying and wolf hunting - Image 2 

It seems Aion Source moderator Zyuu has some special treats for gamers who are looking forward to NCsoft‘s Aion: Tower of Eternity. Zyuu recently featured the ability to dye your armor, as well as some screenshots of his own character in the game as his avatar, along with some other folks, tried to take on the Kuraka Chief.

First off, the armor dyeing. One bit of information revealed by Zyuu was the ability to change the color of one’s armor by using special dyes to get the job done. There appear to be many colors to choose from, and we certainly like the customization factor brought about by this system, though we wonder if people will be changing their armor often in this game.

The second bit of information he posed to players was some actual gameplay screenshots of his cleric character as it explored an area and took on wolves. Apparently, the land was being plagued by wolves known as Kuraka, and it’s up to you to take down the chief to manage the threat.

In any event, more pictures are available at the source link below. Keep checking for more updates as they become available.

Via Aion Source

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